11 Names Dogs Would Choose For Themselves If They Could

Hey. They want to upgrade "Buddy." And I don't blame them. 1. "I am...Sasha Furce." afghan-hound1 2. "Who is this 'Peanut' you are referring to, human? I am Lord Mørket Ulv Dogror, Carpet Destroyer!" chihuahua345440_1261489225324_full 3. "Hi! My name is (record scratches) Slim Snorty." slim shady237595289_525b78adf0c7 4. "Cornelius. Cornelius Einstein." Gentle-puppy 5. "Brady. No wait, Brice. Actually, Brody. Tiiiight." menswear dog bro tumblr_mqvc87Royq1s4yg05o1_500 6. "Just don't call me 'Late For Dinner'! Har har, that's a knee slapper! (Wait, where's my knee?)" APTOPIX DOG SHOW 7. "Karl Dogerfeld." karl dogs3 8. "Fiona. LOL." i_am_an_apple_by_solarmovie-d7xwel3 9. "Miranda Furr. #Angel" dog bra db1 10. "Edith Bouvier Beagle. My mother is from Flanders. My father's family were the Beagles." l-Dog-in-pearls-and-head-scarf 11. "I told you. I am Cody." Cody-dog
Featured Image via Paper Cards

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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