13 Dogs Who Are 100% Done With Your Road Trip, Human

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015

Ah, road trips… the excitement in your gut, the open roads and fresh air blowing through the windows, the wonderful new sights and sounds. The only thing that would make it more enjoyable is bringing your best furry pal along — wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

1. “Are you fur-real? I just watched you pass right by the dog park.”

black dog

2. “I should not have gone with that extra bully stick… you may be seeing it again soon.”


3. “That poop that wouldn’t come when you let me out before? It’s on its way.”


4. “A little tail room would’ve been nice, but, you know, I’m good.”

choc lab

5. “This would be a whole lot more fun if I got to sit in the back seat, Mom. I need to make sure you don’t take the vet exit.”


6. “That’s all right, we’ll just snooze for a few. Maybe when we wake up you’ll reconsider stopping for potty breaks.

7. “How could you? That Jolly Ball was my favorite and you just… you just left it at home. 200 miles away.”


8. “I swear to Dog if you don’t stop playing “Uptown Funk” on repeat I will bark until you turn this car around.”


9. “You said we were leaving in 5 minutes and yet you’re still packing…”


10. “I know I said I didn’t have to pee before, but… I lied.”

bulldog floor

11. “Gee, an extra bed would’ve been appreciated. Now I have to smell his farts the whole trip.”

two brown dogs

12. “You’d better be thankful I can’t talk, or I’d be reporting that stop sign you just ran.”

white dog carseat

13. “Ah — I see it. Your car-thing is busted. Looks like we have to stay home and nap.”

dog under car

At the risk of sounding like a BarkPost broken record, never leave your pup alone in a car in ANY kind of weather! Also, please keep them save while driving — doggie seat belts and other traveling essentials are a must.

Featured image via @frankie.the.bulldog

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015