Selfless Pups Refuse to Forsake Injured Elderly Owner, End Up Saving Her Life

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 15, 2014

When 76-year-old Judy Muhe fell in the kitchen of her Florida home, she spent two days on the floor before help arrived. Having fallen unconscious after bruising her head and breaking her shoulder, Muhe would have surely died had it not been for her two guardian angels: her Golden Retrievers, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger.


“They went for days without food and water. They stayed with me,” Muhe said in a video interview for ABC News. “By keeping me warm, and keeping me comfortable, as they could, the main thing was they let me know that I was not alone.”

The Palmdale resident, who lives alone and suffers from Parkinson’s, was convinced she would have died on the cold kitchen floor if it hadn’t been for Higgins, who kept her back warm, and Dodger, who alternated between keeping her legs warm and nudging his owner’s nose.


When family friends didn’t hear from Muhe for two days despite numerous calls, they went over to check on her, and found her on the floor, with both dogs by her side.

Muhe choked up as she said, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. I’m sorry. I just love my dogs so much.”

h/t to Inquisitr

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 15, 2014