11 Dogs Who Can Say “Mama” Better Than Most Babies

Written by: Jared Evan

May 3, 2016

Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate Moms and everything they do for their children. After all, being a mom certainly isn’t easy. They have to put up with a lot. Moms have to do all of the walking, the feeding, the grooming, and the belly rubs. That’s right, being a mom to a dog can be ruff. What better way for dogs to tell their Moms they love them this Mother’s Day than to say “Mama.”

1. Abby, the adorable 5-month-old Shih Tzu, loves to say “Mama” to her mommy!

2. After watching his mom try to teach the baby how to say “Mama,” this Australian Shepherd Dog steps in and does it for him!

3. This beautiful Bullmastiff wants to say “Mama” so bad, he’s practically foaming at the mouth.


4. This Chocolate Lab has a voice like chocolate.

5. These treats are well-deserved for a puppy who speaks so clearly.

6. Once again, if the baby can’t say “Mama,” send in the Australian Shepherd…

7. Who knew that Pekingese were such cunning linguists?

8. This pretty pooch can certainly carry a tune when singing “Mama!”

9. Music to a mother’s ears.

10. This adorable Dachshund uses his squeaky voice to get his mama’s attention.

11. And last but certainly not least, Gizmo, the talking dog, says “Mama” and “I love you.”

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by: Jared Evan

May 3, 2016