15 Thirsty Pups Who Just Want A Little Sip

The weather is getting warmer. As the seasons change and temperatures rise, it's important to stay hydrated. That being said, the weather isn't an excuse to act like an animal, so to speak. These pups understand that being kind to your body doesn't mean you should act any less fancy... and nothin' says fancy like sippin' from a straw. 1. No matter your take on the ol' Pepsi vs. Coke debate, there's no denying that either one is better with a straw. straw 1 2. Well, unless you're the kind of dog who's still getting the hang of drinking with a straw... straw 2 3. Trust us, with just a little bit of practice, it'll start to get easier and amazing things will happen! straw 3 4. Just look at this confident pup. Eye contact like that just isn't possible when you drink directly from a bowl. straw 4 5. This dog understands that if you're drinking with a straw, you may as well go all out. Why stop at a drink? Treat yo' self. straw 5 6. Just don't get too excited... we've all been there. When your cup runneth out and the only stuff left needs to be sucked clean from the straw itself? It's not worth it. Stay classy, friend. straw 6 7. Ah, who are we kidding. Go nuts. straw 7 8. Yeah, that's right, soak it all in. After all, how are you going to get through the week without your morning paw-fee? straw 8 9. Or if it's the weekend, throw in a fun little umbrella with your straw. Now that's a party. straw 9 10. In fact, get yourself two! Two straws, double the fun, as they say. It's been a long week, you deserve it. straw 10 11. We just don't want to see you get in over your head. Double straws might be double the fun, but two big drinks like that? That's a lot of pressure, even for the straw-ngest among us. straw 11 12. So put on your game face, raise your umbrella high, and slurp. Slurp like you've never slurped before. straw 12 13. Slurp with a purpose! Crane that neck! dog-straw-15 14. Do whatever it takes to sip from your straw, no matter how silly it gets... straw 14 15. Because no amount of straw silliness compares to the absolute foolishness of how you'd look without one. straw 13

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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