19 Dogs Who Want To Sit With You While You Poop

One of the best things about having a dog is having a regular poop buddy - someone to stare at you longingly while you're on the toilet. We all know we couldn't go number two without our number one pooches. Here are 19 dogs who want to sit with you while you poop. 1. You look like you need a little help with the toilet paper, let me grab that roll for you. IhO0ZQ7 2. Are you having a heart time poopin'? ucLxUwL 3. Dad, I heard you making funny noises in there, is everything ok? MwkV9by 4. Looks like a tough one, we hope you get through it. 3U8sxte 5. I know I poop, but I didn't know you also pooped! yhqbzQI 6. Don't worry, I'll be out here for you whenever you're done. TlFymAf 7. This is taking way longer than I expected. 6xOop 8. I can has poop too? RAs5tMT 9. Can I, uh, wipe that for ya? z3ZT6o5 10. Weiner dog, reporting to doody duty! CH0KG3E 11. We heard some commotion in there! 3OmMd 12. 'Scuse me, is you done yet? id6ha 13. I shall watch you from up here! Wz9xV 14. Are you done sitting on that weird white shiny bowl yet? 2gLM0U1 15. Why did you get up out of bed, dad? And why is your body making those funny noises? Vr05aCk 16. Here is some paper for your tushy. vxHxn3l 17. Pawsome poop, hooman! cu2Fb 18. We are extremely concerned for you and want to make sure you are OK. 6sdGooz-e1426697107263 19. I am no longer interested in your poops.
[embed][/embed] Happy poopin', hoomans!

Hope Bobbitt Writer

5 years ago

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