19 Snuggly Pups Who Have No Problem Keeping The Bed Warm For You

Is your pup allowed on the bed? People who treat their dogs like family members give their pups full snuggle privileges at night. Many dogs prefer being on the bed simply because they want to be close with their humans. In the end, it's really a personal choice. Check out a few very lucky pups that get to lounge all day in their hooman's beds! 1. "Going to work? Thee ya, wouldn't wanna be ya..." 2-pawsofsimba 2. "Jeez dude...your morning breath stinks!" 1-morileymoproblems 3. "Ma! The meatloaf!" 3-deanthebasset 4. "Why am I stuck babysitting again?" 4-roofusandkilo 5. "Umm...could you roll me over before you go?" 5-retrievertails 6. "This isn't bad, but honestly, I prefer being little spoon." 6-pawsofoz 7. "Who's gonna rub my belly while you're gone?" 7-huckandgus 8. "Ahh...this is the good life." 8-samsonthedood 9. "There's always room for one more." 9-freyathegreatdane 10. Every morning is a good morning when you wake up to this face. 10-chiefpupmarshall 11. Shh...don't wake her...she looks so peaceful. 11-newyorkdog 12. Warm snuggles and happy smiles :) 12-lifeofpikelet 13. "Sometimes I wish I had a pup sibling to cuddle with." 13-meimei_the_chowchow 14. "I'm ready for my bedtime story!" 14-chillinwithchilli 15. "Gawsh mawm...can't you let me sleep in a little longer?" 15-aiko.the.shibainu 16. "Doesn't get much better than this!" 16-pocky.pomeranian 17. "I sure could use a bacontini to wind down before I sleep." 17-ellabeanthedog 18. "There's nothing like letting your ears down after a ruff day." 18-mj_the_beagle 19. "Byebye, have a nice day!" 19-sailordoodle
Featured image via @speedyboyboy

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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