10 Hilarious Posts Dogs Would Write If They Took Over BarkPost For A Day

Reviewed by Emily Wang

June 5, 2015

What would BarkPost headlines look like if the writers had paws instead of hands? The tables have turned…

1. 23 Things All Bulldogs Know To Be True


Based on the true experiences of squishy faced pups. People say we’re sassy and gassy. Let us reveal the truth.

2. BREAKING: Human Throws Ball That Disappears Into Thin Air


Authorities have rushed to the scene to gather evidence and investigate. So far no evidence of foul play. More details to come.

3. 10 Inevitable Stages of Waiting For Your Human At Home Alone


Sadly, this plagues dogs across the United States every single day. What can we do about it? How can we rise above?

4. 15 Things That Happen When A Cat Is Introduced To The Family


It’s true. Sometimes the unthinkable happens. Read on for tips on how to address the situation.

5. A New Day In Doggy Court: Excessive Begging for Belly Rubs No Longer Illegal


Hundreds of dogs are in celebration today. All for belly rubs, and belly rubs for all!

6. 8 Tricks You have To Master Before You Turn 2


Sit, down, stay, and a few other must-know party tricks that will be sure to impress your hooman.

7. 13 Things Only Dogs Who Are Bigger Than Their Humans Understand


All we want is to be able to curl up in your lap and snuggle you like all the other dogs…

8. 15 Things Our Humans Can Teach Us


Whether they’re young or old, we can learn many things from the person who matters the most in the world.

9. TREND ALERT: P-uggs are out. Warby Barkers are in.


Catch up with the latest fashion trends, straight from New York Doggy-Fashion Week.

10. Scientists Reveal What “Bully Sticks” Are REALLY Made Of.


Caution: NSFW. Pawrental advisory for explicit content.

Featured image via @lillytheaussie. h/t to thoughtcatalog 

Reviewed by Emily Wang

June 5, 2015