14 Dogs That Are Really Just Adorable, Cuddly Teddy Bears

Dog or stuffed animal? No one will ever REALLY know... What we do know is that there is a 99.9% chance you will squeal with joy after taking a look at these adorable fluffy pups. 1. D'awww. This little guy is for sure a teddy rabbit. luna.the.berner 2. So. Much. Fluff. We're not sure how the guy holding them is keeping his cool right now. jp.jd 3. "Can I please offer you a snuggle?" straitupbts 4. We just can't. Look at that little smile! happyanimal_ 5. How could you say no to cuddling with this little one all day? buddy_the_bearcub 6. Just the teeniest little fluff ball. emwng 7. Trick question! They're both teddy bears. ps.ny 8. Not sure if dog... or waving teddy bear... munchkintheteddybear 9. Don't mind them, just two average bears sitting on the couch watching Netflix. digbyvanwinkle 10. Two fluffy bears is always better than one. Always. cupofcouple 11. Naaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba! 🎶 sailordoodle 12. Left or right? Your pick. buddyboowaggytails 13. This little one is 98% fluff and 2% puppy dog eyes. ditsboys 14. "I'm not a dog, I'm a real teddy bear!"  2.wonderful.samoyed

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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