13 Things Your Dog’s Taught You That You Didn’t Even Realize

Written by: Emily Wang

May 7, 2014

We often forget about how much our fluffy friends are actually teaching us, just by being themselves. All we need to do is look a little deeper.
Here are some things that our dogs have been secretly schooling us on:

1. They teach us how to have a healthy relationships. Relationships – human or animal – are not a one-way street. We give and we take. Our relationships with dogs is no exception.

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2. They teach us patience. Anyone who has raised a puppy will attest to this sentiment. And, there’s that unspoken rule that when your pup is sleeping on you, you don’t move, you wait.

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3. They show us that age is just a number. No matter how young or how old, or how many gray and white hairs might speckle your head, you can always have fun and enjoy life.

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4. They educate us about the value of consistency. Raising a puppy requires consistency and dogs appreciate a healthy routine. Given appropriate affection, love and care, your dog will return your consistency with unending loyalty.

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5. Dogs accept people for who they are. They reserve no judgment and they can’t be fake. They are the epitome of down to earth, constantly showing us the value in being true to oneself.

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6. They teach us that looks can be deceiving. You never know what loyalty, affection and beauty can come from a dog that isn’t traditionally “cute” by most people’s standards.

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7. They live in the moment and enjoy every moment. Go on adventures, breathe in the fresh air and stick your head out the window! Every moment must be treasured in the now.

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8. They teach us to forgive and move on. The little annoyances of daily life aren’t worth holding on to and should be forgotten. Just think of how you’re immediately forgiven if you accidentally step on your pup’s tail when climbing out of bed.

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9. They show us the importance of prioritizing health and exercise. No matter how busy and stressful our lives can be, it’s crucial to take care of our bodies and make time for exercise. Most pups would fully support dedicating more time to walks, don’t you think?

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10. They teach us the importance of responsibility and persistence. When you adopt a dog, you are making a life commitment. The relationship, while it might be demanding and stressful at times, comes with the ultimate gift of mutual, undying devotion.

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11. They teach us to and help us connect with others. How many times have you made a new friend just by having your furry companion with you? There is also plenty of regular socialization from walks and trips to the dog park. There’s a reason why our pups immediately wag their tails when they see a fur-iend!

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12. They teach us to trust your gut. Dogs live by their instinct (sad news to those of you who are squirrels) and remind us to trust our intuition.

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13. They remind us to find our purpose. Their purpose can be transparent, like serving as a therapy or service dog. It can be profound, like the constant reminder that true loyalty has no expiration date. Or, it can be as simple as providing a much-needed snuggle at the end of a long day. Regardless of how purpose manifests itself, as our dogs show us, sharing it is what makes it real.

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You may not know it, but your pooch may have already taught you more than you realized! Take today to appreciate all of their lessons.

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Written by: Emily Wang

May 7, 2014

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