15 Dogs Who Are Sick And Tired Of Being The Third Wheel

We've all been there before. Your friend invites you out to dinner with her and her boyfriend. You think it'll be fun, but it's really awkward, especially when they makeout in front of you. Fortunately, these dogs feel your pain. Let's all bear the burden of loneliness together, shall we? 1. That moment you realize it's time for you to get your own apartment. dog-third-wheel1 2. "Play it cool. Don't let them see you cry." dog-third-wheel-8 3. "Come with us, they said. It'll be fun, they said." dog-third-wheel-6 4. "Hey, guys! Shall we finish our game of frisbee?.....Guys?" dog-third-wheel-2 5. When you're at the bar and your friend gets more numbers than you. dog-third-wheel-4 6. The "it's getting weird, time to go home" part of the night. dog-third-wheel-17 7. "Hey, uh, I'm still know, in case you forget." dog-third-wheel8 8. When you're always late to the party. #fourthwheel third-wheel-dog-16 9. "And she's not even as pretty as me. Ugh." 10. When you're at a party and regretting you ever came. dog-third-wheel5 11. When you go to a restaurant and your friends get the 2-for-1 special. dog-third-wheel-3 12. The best thing about being a third wheel? Trolling annoying couples' photos. dog-third-wheel9 13. Be honest. You're that friend who, when out as a trio, is always walking in the back. dog-third-wheel-12 14. This dog is not here for your sloppy PDA either. dog-third-wheel-13 15. And when all other methods fail, simply pretend like you're not even there. 11328287_677507779046904_973880575_n

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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