When Owner Finds Feathers In Hallway, He Narrows It Down To Three Golden Suspects

When you share your home with multiple dogs, every day is an adventure, but it's the nights you really have to worry about. Pups just seem to be prone to shenanigans when the sun goes down. You never know what you may step in on your way to raid the fridge at midnight, or what you may wake up to find in the morning. nightvision One Imgur user and pawrent to three Golden Retrievers learned this the hard way. On that fateful morning, Ablom2009 woke to find a mysterious dusting of white feathers across the hall floor. Had a hapless bird met its demise at the paws of one of the Goldens? If so, who was the culprit? The owner began the investigation. feathers Suspect #1 was located lounging amidst a spattering of evidence as if he didn't have a care in the world. Could sweet, gentle Fenway possibly be capable of such malice? Surely not. Fenway was excluded for having a rock solid alibi: He's a good boy. fenway Next up was Brittany. With a dusting of feathers in her hair and all around her, she was looking like a pretty strong suspect. However, her white face and dewy eyes revealed her innocence. At 13 years old, Brittany is beyond such puppy-ish nonsense. She was cleared from suspicion. brittany Following the trail around the corner into the living room revealed the solution to this great mystery. Suspect #3, Jackson, was discovered sitting proudly next to his "kill." jackson Ablom2009 laid out the case:
Victim: Pillow, Motive: Jackson is a little s**t!, Alibi: N/A. His remorseless is clear in his mugshot.
jackson mug Hey, at least it wasn't a bird. The charge can be lowered from Murder in the First to Destruction of Property.

All images via @Ablom2009/Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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