15 Dogs Who Are Not Happy About Wearing A Jacket This Fall

For every dog that ruvs their jackets, there is a dog that will take it and wipe their butt on it. These pups are going to have to learn to ruv 'em, or they're in for one cold season. We all remember the bulldog that hated nothing more than this life jacket, and he is most definitely not the only one. If there are enough dogs that hate jackets that are designed to save their LIVES, just imagine how much they hate jackets that are only protecting them from being a little "chilly." 1. "Hooman why must you dress me like a school bus?" dogcoat1 [bp_related_article] 2. "JUST TO BE CLEAR THIS IS NOT A HAPPY ROLL." dogcoatcharlie 3. "Look, I'm only wearing this right now because I have to poop. But we are going to have a talk when I get back." dogcoat3 4. "I just don't think I can pull this off. No literally can someone please help me pull this off?!" dogcoatsweater1 "NEVERMIND I CAN DO IT MYSELF." When there's a will there's a way. dogcoatsweater2 5. "Wait so summer is HOW many months away?" dogcoat2 6. "But what if I get to the park and none of the other dogs are wearing coats? I could never go back." dogcoat12 7. "Just what the duck do you think you're looking at?" dogcoatduckjpg 8. "NO NO NO NO I WILL NOT" dogcoatterrier1 "Ok note to self do not spin that many times in a row again." dogcoatterrier2 9. When you feel that first chill down your spine and you know the temperature is only going downhill from here. dogcoat4 10. "But MOM when I wear this all the dogs call me Waldo. Do you even care about my reputation???" dogcoatbulldogsweater 11. "Hey mom not sure these colors are bright enough. Could you maybe grab your megaphone and let everyone know we're about to take a walk? Sorry just trying to draw as much attention to myself as possible, thanks." dogcoatpink 12. I had a roommate in college who used to do this a lot. It wasn't because she hated coats though. dogcoatkitchen 13. "Polka dots, mom. REALLY??" dogcoatmaltese

14. Human: "You do realize as a Chihuahua if there is one breed that definitely needs to wear a jacket it's you right?" Dog: "Look at my face. This is me caring."

dogcoatchihuahua 15. When you have a terrible dream that you are wearing a very embarrassing jacket and then you wake up and IT'S REAL. dogcoatfrenchie
Featured image via Frankandthegram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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