14 Huge Dogs Who Have No Idea How Huge They Are

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 13, 2013

Guys. These dogs are big.

1. Zeus, king of dog, man and house


They had to empty the house of furniture because Zeus here would accidentally drag it across the room as he walked to the water bowl.

2. Divana the Divine


3. Big Bruno the Bashful Pool Dog

pic 3

4. George the Gentle Giant

pic 4

George gets up every morning and pours cereal in a bowl for Mindy. Mindy hears the packaging rustling and comes running downstairs all excited to eat and get the day started.

5. Steven the Fearful Fluffball

pic 5

Steven is afraid of the floor, and heights.

6. Rufus the Canine Stepping Stool

pic 6

Rufus understands how difficult it can be for his little masters to reach the craft table. He’s happy to lend a helping hand, errrr… head.

7. Gerald the Comfortable

pic 7

Gerald always loved curling up in Daphne’s lap when he was puppy. He’s never shed the habit, even though he’s put on 150 lbs.

8. Perkins the Polite

pic 8

Perkins has good manners. When he goes to the vet, he refuses to sprawl on the floor. Instead, he sits in a chair quietly until the veterinarian will see him. He is annoyed that they don’t have the latest edition of Southern Living.

9. Plet just wants to dance.

pic 9

True story! Plet belonged to a friend of Heather M. in Denmark. He was a Leonberger. A wonderful breed that was bred as a companion dog for the people of Leonberg, Germany.

10. Vince the Vigilant

pic 10

Is that a can opener? Is that a cat? Is that another dog? Does that dog smell me? I’m smelling something. Am I smelling a cat? Is that a can opener?

11. Snow Breeze the Similar

pic 11

Snow Breeze and Mira are the exact same size and weight. They swap clothes, ride together on roller coasters, and share banana splits because neither of them can ever finish one alone. Well… Snow Breeze can.

12. Sampson the Soothing

pic 12

13. Harry the… well… Hairy

pic 13

Harry is model-thin under that thick fur coat. He’s a slave to fashion, but now that bobs are back in, he’s got to follow suit.

14. Balthazar the Baffled


Balthazar likes to party, and you always know when he’s around. Just listen for the jingle of his embroidered leather bell collar. In this photo, Balz wasn’t at his best–he’d just finished his second bottle of wine with his drinking buddy Rodrigo. He likes dry reds, poured in a pewter bowl.

Featured image via Bored Panda

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 13, 2013

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