15 Pups Who Just Want To Say “Good Morning!” And Is Breakfast Ready Yet?

Not a morning person? Can’t get out of bed? Need a little motivation? Here are 15 dogs who are the epitome of morning people. Who may just give you the extra motivation to get up and say "Good morning puppy!" 1. GOOD MORNING. I AM DOG. dog morning 1a 2. Rise and shine. dog morning 2 3. Target sighted. Noms away! dog morning 3 4. You know you're late for work, right? 6103509206_4507866181_z 5. Coffee first. Chase ball later. dog morning 4 6. GOOD MORNING YOUR BREATH SMELLS LOVELY. 7370194776_592c04456c_b 7. Dog Alarm Clock. dog morning 5 8. Is breakfast ready? Uh, Teddy wants to know. 9684179578_1348c4d48f_z 9. Good Morning. Now draw me like one of your French Bulldogs. good morning 6 10. The cat might not be a morning person, BUT I AM. 8413192124_df98258bed_z 11. Time for some barkfast in bed. dog morning 7 12. You sleeping?! dog morning 8 13. Good morning sir. I was wondering if you have considered letting dog into your life. dog morning 9 14. Good morning beautiful! dog morning 10 15. The mailman isn’t going to chase himself! dog morning 11 [bp_related_article]

Featured image via Scott Cawley/Flickr

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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