17 Dogs Who Think They’re Alarm Clocks

Because sleeping in is impawsible when your roommate has four legs and wakes up every morning at 6am 1. "I don't want to resort to violence, but if you enter this bed again, I will get angry."
 2. "Time to get up. I am NOT going to ask you again." 1031434067_930959e12c_z 3. "Excuse me, I think I might have left something under here. Nope. Must be somewhere else. You might as well get up now." German-Shepard-Dog-Wakes-Up-A-Very-Tired-Human-For-Some-Breakfast (1) 4. "I'm getting a little impatient here." reddit-dogs-wake-up-to-2 5."Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up..." tumblr_n28gi7DVHQ1si7ew2o1_400 6. "That laptop looks a lot like not breakfast." YTMC2z 7. "Am I going to have to pull you out of bed?" enhanced-buzz-24822-1370205000-8 8. "Hello up there?" enhanced-buzz-27830-1370204971-0 9. "If you're gonna be lazy, then so am I."
10. "Can't you see that the sun is out?" enhanced-buzz-24177-1370205068-27 11. What he said. 998881_479144468828961_875224293_n 12. "We are here to protest your sleepiness." enhanced-buzz-26151-1370205198-5 13. "Just checking to see if you're awake. No? Okay, I'll just wait right here until you decide to get up. No rush." 5abXRmk 14. "The good news is, there's coffee. The bad news is, I drank all of it." IaqlvV 15. We couldn't agree more.
16. "It's 6am. Where's my breakfast?" enhanced-buzz-25528-1370205056-17 17. "Time for your morning bath!" hs0mou  

Featured image via @eidyx

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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