23 Dogs Who Really Need a Belly Scratch

Written by: Stacie Grissom

November 6, 2013

After observing our pups for hours on end, it has become our thesis that most of the world’s grumpiest problems can be solved with a simple belly scratch. Now, we haven’t been able to reach Kim Jong Il to give him a belly scratch to see if he turns from grumpygills to puppypuddin’, but our theory is sound, right? Below are some pups who really need some belly scratches.

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23. “I said ‘Give me a belly SCRATCH,’ not ‘Give me a chilly BATH.'”

belly scratch

22. Back in my day, elderBoxers got belly rubs on the hour, every hour.


21. They lost.

grumpy dog 1

20. “I’ll stop lookin’ at you like this when you scratch the old tum.”

grumpy dog 2

19. “Who da pug do you think you’re messin’ with!?”

grumpy dog 5

18. Madison. For Dog’s sake, look more pathetic. You don’t get belly rubs if you smile all the time.

grumpy dog 6

17. “UM– I think you forgot to scratch a belly! “

grumpy dog 7

16. “My tail’s froze. And my nose is froze. And my ears are froze. And my toes are froze.”

grumpy dog 8

15. “He told us to stay like two minutes ago and acts like it’s such a big deal. Ugh, yawn. Make yourself useful and rub our bellies.”

grumpy dog 9

14. “And I was like stop trying to make fetch happen! IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”

grumpy dog 10

13. “Scratch my belly and no one gets hurt.”

grumpy dog 11

12. Damn cat stole my kibble again.

grumpy dog 12

11. “I see you in that cafe eating a croissant… So many crumbs on the floor and I can’t eat them.”

grumpy dog 13

10. “So explain to me one more time why the cat gets to poop in the house.”

grumpy dog 14

9. “Someone took all the treats from the litter box.”

grumpy dog 15

8. “I planned to sleep all day. Instead we went to the park twice.”

really grumpy dog

7. “I keep chasing my tail… But I can’t catch it.”


6. My ball is under the sofa, mamz.


5. “I’s bored and lonely and my belly’s real sawft – pweese pway with me? Pweese?”


4. “”Scoozi? You haven’t scratched my belly in 45 seconds.


3. “Um, herro? I’m still out here and… it’s getting kinda chilly mam.”


2. “I was only trying to hold her paw.”


1. “I know I’ve been in this giant bowl before, but I cant quite putz my my paw on it…”


If you know a two-legged or four-legged individual in need of a belly scratch, help ’em get the word out! ; )
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Written by: Stacie Grissom

November 6, 2013

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