Hungry Dogs Wreck Their Humans’ House, End Up Winning The Lottery – Literally

Dogs Kira and Chancey got into a bit of trouble earlier this month when they broken open a box of scone mix and a box of brownie mix their human was planning to use to make delicious treats for a holiday pawty. The mess was so big that their dad, Christian Etienne, had to go out to rent a carpet cleaner. Christian decided to pick up a lottery ticket while he was out. He expected the ticket to be worth a few dollars, but it was worth much more than that - millions more. Thanks to their mischievous pups, Christian and his wife, Monique, won $14.5 million! hungry dog 2 (I am currently trying to convince my dog to make a giant mess so that I have an excuse to go to the store and win the lottery. If it worked for someone else, it has to work for me, right?) We have a feeling Kira and Chancey got some major treats for Christmas this year! Congratulations to the entire family!! Watch Christian and Monique (and the dogs!) talk about their win in a press conference:
h/t Edmonton Sun.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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