10 Dogs Whose Big Sticks Endearingly Complicate A Simple Game Of Fetch

Sometimes nothing beats an old-fashioned game of fetch. But our dogs don’t always retrieve what we threw for them. Sometimes they come back with something like shat we threw, just a little... unexpected. These 10 pups got a little overzealous with the size of their sticks, or in some cases, trees. 1. "Go big or go home!" Screen-Shot-2015-03-18-at-10.04.12-AM 2. "Hello, I'm the branch manager. How can I help?" dog playing fetch 3. "My name's Rex, and I'm addicted to fetch." dog with sticks 4. "Stick happens." dog stick 5. "They say size doesn't matter. Well, take a look at this bad boy!"dog with stick 6. "Epic fetch!" dogfetchingabigstick 7. "Best friends stick together." stick-competition 8. "Stick with me, kid!" dogs in water 9. "If a stick is good, a whole tree is even better!" dog stick woods 10. "I never bite off more than I can chew." dog stick sand
Featured Image via the ASPCA

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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