16 Dogs Who Think You’re Insane With This “Get Out Of Bed” Talk

Ah, the endless struggle -- getting your dog out of bed when he just don't want to. We've all been there. And as stubborn as they are, you gotta love the dogs who are ready to take this fight lying down. Some of my favorites: 1. This Husky who is Not having it. nope dog 2. This Dachsund who will make you pay. dachsund bed 3. This Chihuahua with the perfect scheme. chihuahua bed 4. This imperious Golden Retriever. queen bed 5. This Boston Terrier having a laugh. serious bed 6. This haunted Rottweiler. nightmare dog 7. This rascally German Shepherd. shep bed 8. This soft spoken Golden Retriever. nooo bed 9. This exasperated Great Dane pup. great dane pup 10. This gamblin' English Mastiff. fire bed 11. This large-and-in-charge Great Dane. got it dog 12. This well-connected Husky. constable bed 13. This Dachsund with priorities. beauty dog 14. This champion of passive resistance. arms bed 15. This frustrated Rottweiler. pee dog 16. And this big ol' scaredy Swiss Mountain pup. heights dog
Featured Image via Christina Howard

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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