13 Valentine’s Day Dog Shaming Pictures To Remind You To Hide Your Chocolate—And Your Underwear

Written by: Emily Wang

February 12, 2016

Roses are red, violets are blue, these pups have been naughty, but what can you do?

Disclaimer: Chocolate, a.k.a. the unofficial candy of Valentine’s Day, is not good for your dogs! Read up before you leave your heart-shaped boxes of delight laying around the house without supervision.

1. This pup didn’t realize how much joy he was taking away from his hooman sister’s friends when he ate all of the chocolates. 


2. This little one actually just wanted to get dolled up for her very important and expensive date. $1 bills? Pfft. She’s too good for that.



3. The best gifts are free gifts. #NoShame


4. This pup was just practicing for the big night after her romantic dinner.


5. That’s what she wants you to think… (Forgot your gift this year? Blame it on the dogs.)


6. What? Fruit is part of a heart healthy diet, isn’t it?


7. Sharing is caring. Especially on this day of love and romance. 


8. This sad pup just wanted somebody – SOMEBODY at all! – to be his Valentine.


9. This sad lab learned not to eat the candy decorations off of the Valentine’s cards.


10. This handsome guy was just making it clear how he felt about his mum’s V-day date. Dogs are the best judge of character, anyway.


11. This pup really enjoyed chewing on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift, thank you very much! 


12. This guy was making sure he knew all the ins and outs of lady clothing. It can be very complicated to navigate, you know.


13. This pup had so much love he just had to let it all out. In the shape of a heart, of course.


Featured image via @farkaphoto

Written by: Emily Wang

February 12, 2016