Dogwalker’s Craigslist Ad Goes Viral, And The Reason Is Hilarious

Note: Due to strong language, tiny hoomans should not read this post unless you wish to expand their vocabulary. A dog-walking Craigslist ad has gone viral on the internet, and for good reason: It's hilarious. Why you ask? Well, first here's the intro: HEY RICH-ASS DOG OWNERS: Are you at the office 23 hours a day in a coke-fueled effort to squeeze every last penny out of your 20's and 30's? Are you going out of town with your post-divorce trophy-girlfriend to visit your slave ship collection in the Barbados? Do you work for a corporation that received Tarp money? I AM YOUR DOG-WALKER And then it continues with beauties such as: Do I have experience walking dogs? I'M A HUMAN BEING, OF COURSE I HAVE EXPERIENCE WALKING DOGS. THIS ISN'T LINEAR ALGEBRA, FOLKS; ITS DOG-WALKING Are you one of those prototypical American success stories who worked your way up from nothing to live the dream, and now you want to gloat over an Ivy League grad who has been reduced to posting a dog-walking classified on skeezy-ass Craigslist? You can shadow me while I walk! Take pictures of my pathetic face as I handle your dog's feces with nothing but a plastic bag over my hand! I'll wear my Princeton lettermen's Sweater! I might even Cry! And: I'M JUST A GUY WHO WANTS YOUR MONEY AND WILL WALK YOUR DOG TO GET IT. Do I do overnights? YOU BET YOUR BOATHOUSE, BUDDY! I will sleep in your sweet-ass apartment and tend to your dog while doing it. Don't want my poor-person skin sullying your ostrich-feather sheets? I'll sleep on the floor! Don't want my poor-person hair secreting oils all over the pearl-white tiles? I'll sleep in the crate with the dog! Sh*t as long as I'm allowed to turn on the heat, I'll curl up in a ball and sleep in your sink WHILE THE WATER RUNS OVER MY NAKED BODY! Am I going to steal your jewelry? No I'm not. Am i going to jack your electronics? No way man. Am i gonna eat some of your food? Probably, but nothing you'll miss, maybe an apple. Then ends on this note: I'M NOT ABOUT TO TAKE A BATH IN YOUR FOIE GRAS, MONEYBAGS. I'm a good guy, and I'm just looking to make a little extra cash by chaperoning your dog around your stupid white bread sidewalks. So if your interested in the dopest, most swagged-out LEGEND OF THE UNIVERSE dog-walking champion in Seattle, reply to this ad and we'll get started in making your dog happier than a Mormon on his honeymoon. So act now, write me. I'm excited to meet you and your dog, and I'm sure...that your dog is excited to meet me, too. Serious inquiries only, please Sadly, this post isn't actually for real. Mother Jones recently revealed that the postee actually uploaded it as a joke. However, he's gotten a mountain of replies! As he told them when they reached out for comment:
"Ummm... I posted this as a joke. I have surprisingly gotten people that want me to walk their dogs. Ive got more marriage proposals and offers for sex more than anything. I prefer to remain anonymous but i will tell you that I am married with a daughter and contrary to my post (that is a joke) I make a comfortable living and I'm pretty much your average joe family man. The reason I posted it is to show what happens when you go to college and stack up student loans and dont have a plan afterwards. you'll turn out having to walk dogs with a sh**ty outlook on society."
Well played, sir. Well mutherpuppin' played. For the full post, check it out here.
h/t to Mother Jones
Featured image via Flickr

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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