The Amazing Life Of An NYC Dog With Two Dads

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2015

In November 2013, Vijay and his partner, Hector, began searching for their future dog. They looked extensively at rescues and shelters in New York and even out of state. Their criteria was not extensive. They explained, “we both knew that we would know our ‘child’ the second we saw him/her.”

After months of searching for their perfect new family member, they thought they found their dog, but there was a family ahead of them who took him home. A week later, Vijay, who was away on business, received an email from Hector that contained a picture of the “the most adorable, naughty-looking Shih Tzu.”

koki 1

Both Vijay and Hector agreed that this was the dog for them and Hector immediately went to pick up their child from the Animal Haven in NYC. They named him Koki, after the type of north Indian bread that Hector was eating when he saw his picture for the first time.

koki 3

Koki’s parents describe him as “an old soul that is just so lovable and caring.” Soon after they adopted Koki, Vijay’s mother went through cancer treatments; Koki kept the entire family smiling.

koki 4

Koki is a true New York City pup. Style is a high priority and he has his very own Instagram. Most nights, his over 7,000 followers are treated to a picture of Koki posing with the Empire State Building in the background. Often, Koki’s attire matches the lights.

While the pictures are wonderful on their own, Koki (and his Dads), use his platform to spread information about various causes, issues and current events.

Below Koki poses in honor of the 30th Annual Aids Walk New York…


to recognize the brave men and women of the NYPD…

koki 5

to raise awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC…


to participate in Red Nose Day…

koki 6

and to honor Flag Day.


According to his parents, Koki has already gained loyal followers, many who eagerly wait to read and see his positive and informative postings.

Be sure to follow this socially conscious and ever-so-stylish pup @kokistateofmind!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2015

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