UPDATE: Sweet Girl Tied Up And Abandoned By Owners Now On “Urgent” List At Shelter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 10, 2015

**UPDATE 11/12/15**

Dolly finally enjoyed her freedom ride home with her new human! With all the support shared by pup-lovers and kind humans alike, her urgent notice caught the eye of one lucky lady! This cute girl’s last memories will no longer be of hateful, neglectful owners, and of the place where she wound up waiting for too long.

Savor that love, Dolly!

Rescued!!Still waiting …Save SBC Shelter PupsID #A487719Needs out Oct. 31Dolly is a very sweet 2-3 year old ,…

Posted by Andrea Neyses on Thursday, November 5, 2015

**Original Post**

There is something miraculous about a creature so ready to forgive after enduring things most of us barely have the strength to imagine. To be honest, this seems to be the case for most dogs. We are impressed every single day by their tenacity and courage, and this girl is no exception.

kennel gate

Dolly’s owners chained her up in their back yard with no food or water, and then packed up and moved away. No one is sure how long Dolly remained there, but she was clearly emaciated and struggling to stay alive. And since Dolly is young—her age estimated at two-to three-years-old—the immobility was bound to take a toll on a pup with so much playful energy.

When rescuers found her and brought her to the shelter, she was happy. The noises were loud and sometimes scary, it didn’t always smell so good, and the neighbors weren’t always polite, but Dolly had food. She had water, and shelter, and people to give her a bit of love every now and then.

dolly smile

Remarkable, isn’t it?

Her good spirits didn’t last long, though, as the shelter environment is beginning to wear on her. Dolly’s tail is tucked most of the time even though she never hesitates to offer kisses, and she’s having a tough time understanding why she’s been there since October 17th.

nervous dolly

Sadly, she becomes a little more beaten down each day, and the clock is ticking on her time at the San Bernardino Shelter in California.

Volunteers are broken-hearted at what’s become of Dolly without a home; they say she is the sweetest pup (and look at that FACE!), but like most dogs, she needs to be free of this stress. The shelter guesses that Dolly is an Aussie/German Shepherd mix, and she might have a little Pittie in there too. Volunteer Alice Chow posted the following picture with this caption on Facebook:

Dolly is so sad in her kennel. She greeted me at her kennel gate but her tail was tucked. The shelter environment has taken a toll on her. She needs a loving home.

tail tucked

Despite her desire to love and be loved, and her shaky tail wags and little kisses, Dolly will be put down soon if no one provides at least a temporary home. If you are touched by the desperation in her eyes and live in the San Bernardino area, please consider helping this poor girl learn to be a happy dog—she probably doesn’t have a clue what that’s like.

dolly ears flat

Dolly’s ID number is #A487719, and you can reach the San Bernardino City Shelter at (909) 384-1304 to inquire. Stories like this prove there is more than enough evil in the world, but dogs like Dolly depend solely on those who are good. We’re rooting for you, Dolly. Hold tight for just a little bit longer.

URGENT! ▪▪▪▪》SAN BERNARDINO CITY SHELTER PLEASE SHARE..TAG..EMAIL..FB MESSAGE RESCUES! PLEDGES..A FOSTER "DOLLY" #A487719 Sadly overlooked available 10/31 3 year oldAussie Shepherd mix ♡♡♡♡Beautiful…Sweet..EnergeticVery friendly , in spite of Dogs barking agressively, her cute tail is still wagging ..She's a Doll! ..Miss Dolly ..let's get her out

Posted by Annemarie Norton-Kessler on Saturday, November 7, 2015

H/t Examiner, Featured Image via Andrea Neyses

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 10, 2015

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