We Really Need Your Help Answering This Question: Are These Puppies Or Bagels?

Sometimes, when you've had a long day and nothing seems right, you just need to sit down. Eat a chocolate bar, drink some tea. And ask yourself if these photos look like a Labradoodle or fried chicken. labdoodlefriedchicken When Portland-based Karen Zack posted the image to her Twitter account, it caught the attention of people all across the web. What began as a few mind-boggling photo collages has exploded into an uber-popular meme, and others with an eye for subtle similarities are quickly jumping on board. [bp_related_article] Can you figure out which is which? We don't care what they are, but we'll take 101 of each. dalm ice cream Either of these would probably be pleased with a little cream cheese. puppy bagel Just apply soap and water and viola! sheepdog mop They're both sweet, fit in your hand, and... have eyes? chi muffin What gets wetter as it dries? shar pei towel I'll take a baker's dozen of those fabulous folds. shar pei croissant One of these farts in its sleep, the other is delicious. pug loaf If what you need is chocolate, chances are these puppy wrinkles will work just as well. sharp pei chocolate Honestly, we have no idea. We just know this is WOW. shiba marshmallow One vanilla--chocolate twist, please. With sprinkles wrinkles. shar pei ice cream cone Other animals are getting in on the action and our minds are even more confused than they were before. duckling or Okay, that's it. I've had enough. I'm done. guac On a scale of one to meme extraordinaire, how'd you do?
featured image via @teenybiscuit/Twitter

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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