“Ween Team” of Philanthropic Doxies Raises Money To Help Other Pups

Meet the Ween Team. The Ween Team consists of 16 doxies coming together with WagAware to raise money for the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida.
The Ween Team has started this fundraiser in memory of Gucci. Gucci was a beautiful little Dachshund who lived in an unsafe home where he was kept outside all day. After he was attacked by his neighbor’s dog, the owners could not afford to help Gucci. The Dachshund Rescue South Florida stepped in and immediately took custody of him and got him the care he needed. A new family came to visit Gucci and told him how much they loved him, but his little body could not sustain the extent of his injuries. He passed away peacefully and thanks to Dachshund Rescue South Florida he was not in pain or anymore. To make all this possible DRSF relies on donations and profits from their shop. Gucci was the one who brought WagAware, The Ween Team, and DRSF together. In memory of Gucci, the Ween Team is raising money to help other Dachshunds that need help too.
So to help out all the Dachshunds of the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida, from April 1st to 15th WagAware is donating 50% of their sales to DRSF. WagAware Charm is the official symbol supporting dog rescue and the charm glows in the dark! The Ween Team with Wagaware and DRSF has already raised $4,000 dollars for South Florida Dachshund Rescue and they are aiming for $8,000 for the charity so if you are interested in helping the Ween Team, you can show your support and join the Ruff-olution by buying their charms at and by using #WagAware4Weenies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show your support!

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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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