10 Dramatic Transformations Of Strays That’ll Make You Believe In Second Chances

BARK partners with shelters, rescues and non-profits to help support their efforts in many ways. Want to get your local shelter or rescue involved? Have one of their representatives visit to learn more! This post is pawwered by Wahl Pet, the fastest-growing pet grooming brand committed to developing all-natural products for a healthy, happy dog! Strays, often ignored and shunned by society, spend their lonely lives just trying to survive. Life on the streets affects their mental, emotional, and physical health. Their appearance on the outside is proof of the tough life they've had to lead. Unfortunately, less than half of dogs entering shelters are getting the grooming they so desperately need. Without proper grooming, many of these dogs are perceived to be ‘damaged goods,’ and not the fun loving pets they really are. However, thanks to Wahl's "Dirty Dogs" initiative in partnership with, shelter dogs in need of grooming are being transformed so their adoptable selves can shine through. In fact, their goal is to help makeover the lives of 20,000 dogs by the end of the year so they can finally find their forever homes. These pictures are proof that with a groom and a whole lot of love and patience, strays can find their place in the world again.   Looking to make a difference right now? Use code BARKGIVES on for 50% off your first box on any 6 or 12 month plan PLUS we'll donate $10 to our rescue partners with every redemption!

Tasmai Uppin

5 years ago

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