14 Items For Your Dream Dog-Themed Baby Nursery

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 11, 2015

Congratulations…you’re creating your dream baby nursery and you’ll soon be adding the pitter patter of little feet to your home’s pittering and pattering paws! As you design and furnish your little one’s new room, check out our list of must-have dog-themed items! 🙂

1. Baby Puppy Nightlight, $23.99

Hush little baby, don’t say a word…Sing your little one to sleep with the soft glow of a dog-inspired nightlight…as you hope for a long and peaceful slumber, of course.

Baby Puppy Nightlight

2. Dog Mobile, $59.00

Who isn’t entertained by puppy playtime? Babies surely are! Your infant will enjoy watching a mobile of adorable prancing pooches.

Dog Mobile

3. Dog Table Lamp, $68.99

Lamps are not only functional but they also can also add a touch of flair to your home decor. Put your love for dogs on display with a cute table lamp.

Dog Table Lamp

4. Puppy Dog Chandelier, $275.00

You’re going to spending a LOT of time in this room so why not beautify it with a dog chandelier? They’re classy, elegant and oh-so-sweet.

Puppy Dog Chandelier

5. Dog Wall Art, $48.00

Get creative with dog art! Possibilities are almost endless but we love monogrammed and name print collections to personalize your baby’s nursery!

Dog Wall Art

6. Personalized Dog Wall Clock, $18.00

Though some days might seem to last forever when you have a cranky infant, childhood really does fly! Keep track of time with a personalized wall clock.

Personalized Dog Wall Clock

7. Dog Piggy Bank, $42.00

It’s never too early to start saving! Put away pennies for your little one with an adorable personalized piggy bank.

Dog Piggy Bank

8. Dog Light Switch Cover, $24.00

When it comes to home decor, think about every little detail, including light switch covers. Dogify the ones in your nursery and be reminded of your love for pups with every flip of the switch.

Dog Light Switch Cover

9. Dog Outlet Cover, $9.95

Swap out plain outlet plates for covers that are pawfectly darling. Remember, safety first! After you install the new plates, be sure to cover up those outlets!

Dog Outlet Cover

10. Dog Area Rug, $59.99

Playtime on the floor has never been so fun! Ooh and aah over shapes, colors and pooches while crawling around on a bright and cheerful area rug.

Dog Area Rug

11. Patchwork Baby Quilt, $60.00

When your baby is old enough to be covered with a blanket, make sure that blanket is bone-a-fide comfy. Your baby will be warm and snug while she counts sheep…or dogs!

Patchwork Baby Quilt

12. Dog-Themed Toy Box, $119.99

Where there’s a baby, there are toys. Store and organize your baby’s items in a whimsical personalized box.

Dog-Themed Toy Box

13. Puppy Bedding Set, $69.99

Turn your nursery into a bow wow bone-anza with dog-themed bedding. Your baby will love the playful prints and delightful dogs!

Puppy Bedding Set

14. Walking The Dog Book Ends, $75.95

Every nursery needs a library! Teach your child to love books early on…and accent your bookshelf with charming book ends. Be sure to put doggy-centric books on the shelf so your baby has many pupperific reading options!

Walking The Dog Book Ends

Featured Image via Toys”R”Us

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 11, 2015

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