14 Awesome Ways To Include Your Dog On Your Big Day

This article is part of our BarkPost Wedding vertical, The Dogified Wedding, full of tips and tricks for creative ways to include your dog on the big day! Congratulations! You're about to get married! Of course you want your best friend to participate in your wedding day festivities but what if that friend happens to be furry and have four legs? Don't sweat it! There are lots of heart-meltingly adorable ways to dress your canine counterpart for your big day! :)
1. If your wedding is more on the formal side, try a lovely bejeweled collar in faux pearls or diamonds. You can find them on Etsy here and here. Dog of Honor Pearl Necklace 2. Add some extra bling to the pearls by pairing them with a gold chain or beads with baubles from The Sassy Pup. Dog of Honor Pearl Necklace 2
3. Dance the night away and pawty like animals as your pooch wears a sporty and comfortable bandana like one of these from Amazon! Casual Bandana 4. Your Dog of Honor will look fabulously fetching in Ivory burlap and muslin flowers! Check it out on Etsy here. Dog of Honor 1 5. Floral collars are an excellent face-framer! Click here for an awesome DIY. Dog of Honor Floral Collar
6. A leafy garland collar is easy and light. Using greens and flowers to compliment the style of your big day, you can make your own by following this how-to. Dog of Honor Garland Collar 7. A floral corsage is a sweet and special accessory! You can find this magnificent corsage on Loverly. Dog Corsage 8. Flowers, leaves and little buds make for a very pretty and dainty crown. Follow this DIY from The Chilly Dog or ask your wedding florist to put together a gorgeous arrangement for your pup.  Bohemian Floral Crown
9. Nothing is tutu much on your special day! Get a posh ballerina tutu like the ones shown on Posh Puppy Boutique Dog of Honor Tutu Dog of Honor Tutu 1 10. Your Best Man will look seriously dapper in his tux and tail! Click here to order your own custom-made tuxedo from Etsy.  Classic Tuxedo
11. Weddings are about tradition. How about a bow tie like great-granddad used to wear? Add a polka dog twist for a fun preppy look. Get your dog adorable bow ties here and here. Many traditional options are available!  Preppy Polka Dot Bow Tie 12. Your ring bearer can strut down the aisle in style with an adorable ring bearer pillow, kept safely secured by a harness. Your own custom-made harness can be ordered here. Ring Bearer Pillow
13. A matching burst of color is often the purrfect touch to pull a look together! For a bow tie that offers a pop of red like this photo, click here Coordinating Colors 14. You can cover old and new while your Dog of Honor can cover borrowed and blue. Talk about teamwork! A clip similar to the one in this photo can be found on Etsy. Perfectly Pictured People and Pets in Purple With you Dog of Honor dressed to the ca-nines, all that's left is to walk down the aisle and say, "I Do!" Dog of Honor Engagement Photo
Featured image via The Columbian

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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