This Frenchie Pup Is Your Best Girlfriend And Your Worst Nightmare

We've all been there. A crazy late night with friends -- drinks, dancing, and endless debauchery until the break of dawn. You finally pass out, only to awake with a jolt mere minutes (or was it hours?) later to a sickening, sweaty realization: you made brunch plans. itisntfair But as brunch rules dictate, you gotta go. This Frenchie pup knows exactly what this feels like. She had a WILD night and somehow made it to brunch to (try to) remember the unforgettable night with pals -- and enjoy a much-needed Bloody Mary. Check out the hilarious recap of her epic night (and subsequent epic hangover): [embed][/embed]
H/t Paul Gale Comedy/YouTube

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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