This Thanksgiving Our Writers Drunk-Tweeted The National Dog Show

Written by: Lisa Bernier

November 26, 2015

Note: BarkPost editorial does not condone the irresponsible consumption of alcohol to the point of dangerous, oh-sh*t-did-I-really-post-that-on-Facebook-I’m-friends-with-my-mom-inebriation at any point in time. But we do acknowledge that sometimes, these things just happen. And it’s frickin’ hilarious. #SorryNotSorry

The genius of our comedic trio of humor writers Zoe Costello, Katie Haller, and Will Storie know no bounds. If funny were the sea, they would be the dog heroically riding Flipper as All-Witty-Rulers-Of-The-Ocean.

*note: above metaphor a complete rip-off of the gif I just found and inserted below.


Anyhoo, we knew we were going to cover The National Dog Show, which is annually broadcast on Thanksgiving by NBC. The question was, how?

After a beer-driven brainstorm during happy hour, we came up with this brilliant idea:

The three of them would live tweet it. Drunk.


What? Enjoying yourself a leeetle too much while watching Thanksgiving network programming is a doggone American tradition.

Here, in mostly chronological order, is the off-the-cuff, 140-character stream-of-consciousness observations of The National Dog Show Presented By Purina from their buzzed, dog ruvin’ brains that hit the Interwebz a mere 120-minutes and counting ago. #YesThatWasARunOnSentence #ShutUpIWasAnEnglishMajor #ICanDoItWhenItsLikeAStatement

(ok, that was a re-tweet, but kudos for great curation).

And finally, our congratulatory and completely sober Facebook post to the winner, Charlie!

*Spoiler alert to those on the West Coast–STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. But if you do (or live on the East…

Posted by BarkPost on Thursday, November 26, 2015


All in all, it was a memorable time. Happy Turkey Day, pups! Now what are we gonna do for Westminster…

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Written by: Lisa Bernier

November 26, 2015

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