This Duck Has The Most Adorable Identity Crisis Ever

The ruv story of Biggie the duck and Occy the Golden Retriever goes way back to when they were much closer in size... biggyandbabyoccy
Image via 13 WTHR Indianapolis
Even though Occy has grown, um, just a bit bigger, the two are still inseparable peas in a pod! "You'll see them napping together, they'll eat grass together, they'll swim together," said their Mamz, Frances Marsh. "They do everything together. Hang out in the pool, they do everything. Eat together." biggyandoccystroll
Image via 13 WTHR Indianapolis
In fact, their bond is so close that Biggie seems to fancy himself a duck of the canine persuasion. The two are known to "wrestle," and Biggie will only drink out of the dog bowl and eat dog food. Check out this dynamic duo in action: 13 WTHR Indianapolis
h/t 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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