Wounded And Abandoned Dog Hidden In Duffle Bag Gets The Love And Justice She Deserves

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 23, 2016

Meet Misty. Misty is a Black Lab whose life has been harder than any of us could possibly know.

misty 1

Misty’s former owner, the human who she loved most in this world, zipped her up inside of a duffle bag and left her to die in the hunting grounds of the French Creek Wildlife Area in Wisconsin. The temperature was below freezing.

duffle lab 2

Abandoning a dog in this way is horrific all on its own, but the story is even more tragic than this. Misty has a large mammary tumor and a large wound on her head. Rescuers are not certain if the wound is from a human attack, or if another animal may have attacked her.

duffle lab 1

All too often, the people who commit these acts of cruelty and neglect go unpunished. Frequently, police never even find out their identities. That didn’t happen here.

Misty is going to get justice.

misty 3

Around midnight on January 23, 2016, two days after Misty was abandoned, police announced they had found and arrested the person who left her to die – 56 year old Terri Lynn Benson. Benson’s first hearing is on January, 25, 2016.

misty 4

Benson’s arrest is excellent news, but for now, it makes little difference to Misty. Veterinarians at the Portage Veterinary Clinic told WKOW that they rate Misty’s health a one, on a scale of one to nine.

misty 5

Although this girl has had a traumatic past and has a difficult road ahead of her, like so many abused dogs, she does not carry that pain with her. Rescuers say Misty is curious and friendly. Despite everything that happened to her, all she wants is to love.

You can follow Misty’s story on the Columbia County Humane Society’s Facebook. We will update this article as the story develops.

Feature image via Columbia County Humane Society/Facebook.

h/t via WKOW.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

January 23, 2016

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