Dog Rescued From Dumpster Is Making An Incredible Recovery Just 2 Weeks Later

The Facebook page Millie the Dumpster Dog chronicles the tragic story of a Yellow Lab abandoned to die in a scorching hot dumpster in San Antonio, Texas. The dog was filthy, swarmed by flies and nearly dead from heat stroke when she was discovered. Now, a mere two weeks later, the sweet pooch - named Millie by her rescuers - is flourishing in her new foster home. Her foster mom, identified only as Holly, is following up with Millie's veterinary visits to ensure a full recovery. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with heartworm disease and is currently undergoing careful, guarded treatment. Veterinarians have prescribed a steroid to help with the cough associated with the heavy heartworm burden. millie at vet Millie's rescue was facilitated by the combined efforts of San Antonio Animal Care Services and Lucky Lab Rescue. Millie was wearing a collar when she was found buried beneath discarded boxes and bags of trash, but she is not microchipped and no one has stepped forward to claim her. millie at vet Holly has seen miraculous changes in Millie's demeanor as well as her physical condition in the short time they have spent together. Once Millie recovered from the life threatening heat stroke, Holly was able to take her home and give her a thorough bath and brushing session. She posted the following update to the Millie Dumpster Dog Facebook page just 10 days after her rescue:
Sadly, heartworm disease is painful and expensive to treat. A YouCaring page has been established to raise donations for Millie as she undergoes her treatment and the long recovery associated with it. Any additional funds raised will go towards the "Millie Campaign" established in her name to aid other abandoned, abused and neglected dogs in need. millie bone Follow Millie on Facebook as she slowly learns what it's like to be loved and cared for - the way all dogs should be. Thank you to Holly and to everyone who played a role in rescuing this sweet girl!

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Featured Image via Millie the Dumpster Dog/Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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