“Dumpster” Puppy Terrified To Let Rescuers Help Her Now Needs A Home

When Hope For Paws rescuers were notified about a puppy hiding behind a dumpster, they never expected she would be so difficult to catch. At three months old, Ginnie was clearly distrusting and terrified of humans; it’s probable she had never had any contact with them before.


The feisty pup didn’t want anyone to be confused—she barked, growled, and snarled, telling rescuers Lisa Chiarelli and Eldad Hagar to back off. It was going to take a bit of negotiating to save her.

They tried a different tactic, giving the puppy some space and closing off the area so that if she did come out, she couldn’t escape. Both rescuers were taken aback at just how strongly she reacted. So young, and already so scared.


As with many rescues, once Chiarelli got a leash around her, Ginnie fought, and fought hard. Hagar wrote:

Ginnie freaked out… she cried, screamed, peed out of fear, and I was amazed that non [sic] of the neighbors around didn’t even bother to look out the window to see what’s happening to the animal that was clearly in distress.

Eventually, she calmed down enough for the team to get her wrapped up in a blanket and feeling secure. Once they got to the vet, Hagar began to spend some time with Ginnie in a comfy, quiet room. Everything was happening so quickly, she needed a chance to decompress and understand that she was safe.


The little Spaniel mix made her way to Doggies 911 and is currently living with the rescue’s trainer until she finds her forever family. She is still anxious around people, but her foster mom says she is doing better everyday. Ginnie’s new owners will need to continue work to gain her trust and help her become the confident dog she was meant to be.


If you live in the San Pedro, California area and are interested in Ginnie, see her adoption profile on the Doggies 911 website. You can fill out an application here.

H/t Facebook/Hope For Paws, Featured Image via Flickr/Eldad Hagar

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago