Dying Pittie Loved To Swim, But Never Saw The Ocean. His Family Changed That.

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

March 25, 2015

Dyuki (Mr. Dukes) was diagnosed with Grade III mast cell cancer, and this summer, he was in it’s final stages. So, his hoomans Zhenia and Christian decided to give him the best summer vacation ever.


He had never seen the ocean, and since his favorite activity was swimming, they decided to make the trip so he could see the sea.


Dukes and his pup sibs Ruby and Violet frolicked along the beach day and night…



Successfully begged a bite of roast beef sandwich…


Chilled at the pittie friendly hotel in Ocean City…



Hooman watched…


And just enjoyed life!


As Zhenia wrote for The Dodo about Mr. Dukes:

“Dukes was my best friend. He was also my muse, as his passion for life served as a constant source of inspiration to me. I could never tire of photographing him. Since his passing, I’ve been told numerous times ‘how lucky Dukes was to have me.’ But in fact, it was me who was so lucky to have him. He was the smartest, funniest, most loyal, incredibly strong, yet equally sensitive dog—all wrapped into one perfect pittie package. He changed my life and I will miss him forever.

If you would like to read Zhenia’s moving tribute in its entirety, make sure to check it out here. For more of Zhenia’s beautiful photos, go to her website.

All Images via Zhenia Bulawka

h/t to The Dodo

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

March 25, 2015