Dying Rottie Completes Her Bucket List A Week Before Saying Goodbye

Bucket lists have become a beautiful ritual for humans and their pups to share before the final goodbye.

When Coco the Rottweiler was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and given only six weeks to live, her humans Symon Spencer and Theresa Clancy decided to make her remaining time fun.


Instead of a melancholy countdown, they compiled a bucket list that included ordering and eating a Big Mac from a drive through, an action-packed beach day, and several exciting vehicle rides. (Convertible, train, helicopter, police car, and fire engine!)

dog on beach

helicopter 26EBAABB00000578-3007980-image-a-47_1427132751916

Coco checked the last experience off her list—trying sushi—before she passed away at home in the loving arms of her humans.

rottweiler sushi coco

paw 10989255_640984029335699_3694572651728945432_n

Coco’s list:

coco rottweiler bucket list

Here’s the video. Warning: you’re going to need a tissue for this one.


Featured image via Solent

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago