18 Dogs Whose Ears Make You Feel Things

Written by: Melina Giakas

March 10, 2015

Big, small, perky, droopy – whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered. These dogs surely know how to work their best assets: their ears of course! Second best to the puppy dog eyes, (because nothing will ever beat their powers) these floppy flurry pictures will make you think twice as to what you love most about your pup!


1. “You’ll be seeing a lot of the half-up, half-down style at the dog park this summer. #TrendSetter”

vet ears

2. “You do know I can hear you, right? And yes, I do look stunning.”

black ears

3. “I love my ears, but I’m hoping they don’t sag as I get older. Gotta keep ’em perky, you know?”

blonde puppy

4. “They may not be the biggest, but the boys don’t seem to mind.”

white bear

“5. Everyone thinks they’re fake, but these babies are real.”

hound dog image

“6. I’m done with these young pups drooling over me. I need a real dog in my life.”

setters 2

7. “Floppy, straight up, they really work either way, depends on the mood, or what I’m wearing…”

german shepard

8. “I’m thinking if I leap off of here, they’ll slow down my fall. Not sure. Gonna try it anyway.”


9. “I had a bad dye job. Don’t judge me.”


“10. Hold up, my left ear is my good ear.”

good side

11. “My mother, sister, basically all the girls have big ears. Runs in the family.”


12. “My eyes are down here, ya know.”


13. “Can I tell you a secret? I’m afraid they’re just gonna keep growing…”


14. “They add a few inches to my height, so it’s pretty cool. I can probably sneak into the big dog park now.”


15. “Mom says I’ll grow into them, but I’m hoping she’s wrong.”


16. “I told the groomer just a blowout, not a perm!”

hair day

17. “I see you droolin’. It’s ok.”


18. “If I listen really hard I can hear the ocean, or the toilet, still figuring it out…”


Written by: Melina Giakas

March 10, 2015