12 Ways Dogs Are Making The Planet A Better Place For Humans

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 22, 2016

Like usual, at BarkPost Discover we want to know the in’s and out’s about our best friends. We constantly get excited about how dogs are making the world a better place and we love sharing those discoveries with all of you dog lovers. And why not share how dogs are benefits the planet?

These are just a few of our favorite discoveries we learned this week. Make sure you check BarkPost Discover for more doggie pawesomeness!

1. In Sudan, dogs are sniffing out land mines in areas that natives are afraid to walk over. Would you rather your dog sniff another dog’s butt or sniff out land mines to protect a country? We choose the latter.

YE-5 (1)

2. Remember when we mentioned our dogs sniffing other dogs butts? It gets better (or worse depending on how you think about it), dogs are sniffing animal poop to save endangered species like orcas, pumas, bears, spotted owls, jaguars, wolves, giant armadillos, tigers and more.

earthday 2

3. In Slovakia, German Shepherds, Blacky, Hugo and Jenny are making the Oasis of the Siberian Tigers feel like home by just being themselves. But we already knew dogs can make any situation better. Just sayin’.


4. Rambunctious shelter dogs + more animal poop = The Conservation Canines. These poop-sniffin’ pups are allowing researchers to examine the health and population of the endangered species in the area.

earth day 5


5. Like most dogs, they either hunt game, sniff out drugs and weapons or even humans. Nope, not in Africa, Didi, who once was a stray now helps sniff out elephant poachers. Didi has our vote for president!

earth day 6

6. Tucker, is helping save whales. Not enough info? Tucker, a black lab rescue is sniffing out whale poop (which is surprisingly super hard to find) and helping researchers understand info about orcas DNA. Thanks Tucker for showing us what whale poop looks like!

earht day 7

7. Jin Kai, a 2-year-old Lab, is helping China by sniffing out illegal wildlife trade like ivory, pangolin scales and other illegal animal products. And here you thought you could sneak that full size bottle of lotion in your carry-on.

8. We don’t know how someone could think of a dog as undesirable, but whatever. Working Dogs for Conservation is adopting dogs with high energy to protect wildlife and wild places (They can sniff Hawaiian rosy wolf snails to brook trout scat) and in return, they get a furever home. Can I get an “AWWWW?”

earth day 9

9. Have you met “Jack of the Bushveld”? Jack is a Belgian Malinois anti-poaching rhino dog (talk about a title) who is tracking poachers who kill Rhinos. Along with tracking poachers, he is being trained in rhino-horn detection and ammunition detection.

earth day 10

10. Eco is here to save the penguins! Eco, an English Springer Spaniel is helping researchers find and track penguins. Did we mention she works for peanuts? Sounds like my type of girl!

11. In two Australian parks, the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Department of Environment are using detection dogs like Dottie, a English Springer Spaniel to help save mountain pygmy possums from feral cats. Dogs: 1 Cats: 0.

earth day 11

12. In Canada, we’ve got more pups sniffing poop. Eleven-year-old Sampson, sniffs scat for the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology. Next time your pup sniffs another animal’s poop he may be saving a life – or getting ready to eat it. We’re no completely sure.

earth day 12

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 22, 2016

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