Easy $1 10-Minute Halloween Costume for Internetty Dog Lovers

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

October 30, 2014

In the Internet dog world, there are few things as important as the doge meme. In my 2+ years working on the BarkPost, I’ve seen many memes rise and fall, and a few memes stick around for good. The doge meme is one that’s stuck… And it’s my favorite.

Paired with some khakis and that faux-fur vest in the back of your closet, this costume only costs as much as some pipe cleaners! The hardest part will be explaining what the pup you are to your non-Internet friends who don’t spend any time on Reddit.


Supplies you need:
-Words printed off in colorful Comic Sans
-Pipe cleaners
-Glue stick
-String/Fabric strips
-A high-res photo of the doge meme printed off (scroll below for one you can download in this post!)

Here’s the high-res picture of the doge to download.

Image via Know Your Meme
Image via Know Your Meme

First you need to glue all of your colorful words to the cardstock and cut them out. Then, tape your pipe cleaners to the back of the words. I used duct tape for this– it’s not pretty but it’s very strong… Which is important if you plan on doing a lot of dancing on Halloween like I usually do. ;P

Use a similar process for your doge head mask. Glue the doge picture to a piece of card stock and cut it out with spots to tie string/fabric strips to the sides. Secure the ties with tape.

Tuck the pipe cleaners in your hair, around your wrist, around your ear– anywhere you can get them to stick out like the hovering little words around the original doge meme.

Pair your crafty parts with some Shiba Inu-colored clothes and that’s it!

This costume doesn’t work as well on Dachshunds, but it’s still adorable. 😉

Best of luck!

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

October 30, 2014