13 Eerily Accurate eCards Your Dog Would Totally Send You

If the world were simple, we’d all communicate solely through eCards. They say everything we can’t (or are too self-righteous to admit), and are better at sarcasm 80% of the time. Luckily, I find dogs to be unbearably sarcastic, and believe they would totally be eCard-ing the heck out of your inbox.

Here are a few messages so accurate you’ll wonder if your pup wrote them himself.

1. For all those times you told your friends you can’t go out after work because you need to feed your dog.

stay at home human ecard

2. From your furry alarm clock.


3. From the one who always interrupts your yoga sesh with an unsolicited butt sniff.

downward dog yoga ecard

4. From the furchild.

poop baby dog

5. From the strategic farter.

fart ecard

6. From the one who always nopes out at bathtime, yet loves mud puddles.

bath dog ecard

7. Because dogs don’t give a pup about your looks.

dog unconditional love ecard

8. From the hungry nom thief in your life.

dog barks strangers

9. From the one who’s “great with kids.”


10. From your #1 matchmaker.

dog wingman ecard

11. From the one who’d run away the first chance he gets, just to paw at the door for you to let him back in.


12. From the sibling who makes you wonder if you’ll get any of the family inheritance.


13. For the mischievous pup who miraculously becomes an angel in front of guests.

best behavior pup

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago