This Beagle Lives To Tear It Up On The Slopes

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 31, 2016

If you want to find Eli the Beagle, the first place you should look is probably the snow slopes.

Since her owners introduced her to snowboarding a year ago, Eli can’t get enough of her local ski paths in Kopaonik and Old Mountain, Serbia.

Eli’s owners are avid snowboarders and, according to their post on Bored Panda, felt so bad leaving Eli behind while they went snowboarding that they eventually decided to bring her along for the ride.

One of Eli’s favourite things in the world is definitely the snow, she loves running in deep powder and diving headlong into it, so this idea of doing snowboarding together, happened accidentally.

Although Eli doesn’t ever actually ride on a board, she enjoys running alongside her owners and, when that gets to be too much for her little legs, riding in her cozy backpack.

In her off time, Eli enjoys practicing yoga, wearing superhero masks, and being extremely cute.

Featured image via Katarina

H/t to Bored Panda

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 31, 2016