17 Wacky Must-Haves For English Bulldog Lovers

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

August 2, 2015

The wrinkles. The snoring. The slobber. In a spouse, not so cute. But in a BULLDOG?! Simply adorable. Bulldog lovers are usually diehards, meaning they live (and would die) to please their short-legged wrinklefaces. If you fall into this category, here are some awesome items to show your pride and love for those endearingly slobbery pups.

1. English Bulldog Cookie Jar ($20)

I didn’t know I needed this until I passed by it at Target one day. Perfect for either four-legged or two-legged cookies.

cookie jar

2. English Bulldog Illustration Print ($15+)

This adorable illustration in the shape of a bulldog is made out of all of the words that describe your favorite pup! Perfect gift to frame for your bully-lovin’ pal.


3. English Bulldog Pendant Necklace ($32+)

Do you miss your Bully even when you’re not with him? Wear him around your neck at all times with this pretty silver necklace.

English bulldog silver necklace

4. Fishs Eddy Bull Dog Mug ($16)

The perfect gift for the bulldog mama or daddy who can’t get enough of their morning cup of Joe.

bulldog mug

5. Olde English Bulldogge ORIGINAL NOSE BUTTER® ($5.95)

Bulldogs have a tendency to get dry and chapped snouts, which can be uncomfortable for them. This natural nose butter will make your dog snort in happiness.


6. English Bulldog Pillow Cover ($74)

While your bully friend lays his head on you, you can lay your head on a bully friend. Everyone wins.

english bulldog pillow

7. Brit the English Bulldog Macbook Decal ($13)

Get ready to get the best compliments EVER when you head to the coffee shop with your computer in tow.

macbook decal


8. Bulldog Animal Socks ($13)

bulldog socks

9. ASOS Jumper with Varsity Bulldog ($29)

Cheer on your favorite breed AND your favorite team with this adorable bulldog jumper!

bulldog jumper

10. Bulldog Birthday Cake Topper ($55)

Perfect for human birthday cakes and doggy birthday cakes alike.

bulldog cake topper

11. English Bulldog Nail Decals ($4)

These nails are motherpuppin’ adorable.

bulldog nail decals

12. English Bulldog V Neck Shirt ($26)

The latest in fashion?! Cool dogs. And I mean really cool dogs.

 bulldog shirt

13. English Bulldog Greet Cards ($5)

These greeting cards are perfect for just about any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, you name it!

bulldog greeting cards

14. English Bulldog Sugar Skull Tote Bag ($26)

Showing off your bulldog while also being eco-friendly and totally hip?! Win, win.

bulldog tote

15. Bulldog Life Size Figurine ($491)

Perfect for the bulldog lover who can’t have their own bulldog.


16. Bulldog Graphic PJ Pullover ($18)

…Because sometimes waking up is so annoying.


17. English Bulldog Face Mask ($25)

And finally, for those of you who love bulldogs so much, you literally want to BE a bulldog, this is for you.


Featured image via @FrankieGoesToWork

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

August 2, 2015