Ridiculously Fluffy Pekingese Loses Best In Show But Wins The Internet

Eric the Pekingese failed to win Best In Show at this year’s Crufts Dog Show, and Great Britain isnot pleased. The adorable low rider rocked a full and fabulous coat of biscuit-colored hair, capturing the nation’s hearts and imaginations. Eric’s performance spawned tweets of encouragement and many delightful memes. Some compared him to a variety of pastry treats, others to Donald Trump’s coif, and still others simply marveled at his haunting beauty.

What is it about Eric that has captivated so many? Is it his blocky bread loaf body? His delightful, ebony squish-face? The way his shiny locks billow in the breeze? Or is it how he appears to float across the Astroturf, his tiny limbs disguised by beautiful biscuit fur? 


Judge for yourself with this slow-mo video of Eric in action!

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Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago

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