14 Etsy Designers Who Turn Their Puppy Love Into Beautiful Jewelry

In a market flooded with cheesy T-shirts and dated jewelry, it can be difficult to find classy pup-inspired products for all of the dog lovers on your list. Fortunately, we've done the digging for you! After delving deep into the cyber abyss of Etsy, we are pleased to present 14 designers who turn their love for dogs into beautiful and elegant jewelry you won't want to bury in the backyard. 1. Siberian Art Jewelry Siberian Art Jewelry features tons of breeds including rarities such as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Coton De Tulear. Here you will find beautifully crafted brooches, earrings, and necklaces all inspired by the finest canines. Siberian Art Jewelry Scottish Deerhound Earrings 2. Anna Siivonen Anna Siivonen has a special love for animals, fairy tales, and surreal art. With that love she creates one-of-a-kind pieces such as this Octo-Pug and Bull Terrier Bat that she hopes amuse and provoke feelings. If you're looking for an unusual gift for someone who loves dogs more than people, this designer has what you are looking for. Pug Octopus Necklace Bull Terrier Bat Dog Necklace 3. SilhouPETte SilhouPETte believes that pets = happiness. Each piece is hand-crafted with love and features a detailed charm of your beloved pooch. These are great everyday accessories for anyone with a fluffy best friend. Gold Plated Poodle Necklace Gold Plated Bulldog Necklace 4. Jools By Meytal Barnoy Jools by designer Meytal Barnoy are darling baubles with delicate details of the furry friends we love the most. Her designs are cute, quirky, and sophisticated -- they are also priced affordably without sacrificing quality. These are all fantastic traits when you're trying to narrow down the best gift for a jewelry lovin' dog mom. Chinese Crested Dog Necklace Samoyed Dog Necklace 5. Beau And Stella Beau And Stella is inspired by the designer's two rescue pups who remind her to look for joy in the little things. Her story is inspiring as she left her career in corporate architecture to follow her dream of owning her own jewelry biz. Her designs are perfect for any dog lover looking for a daily reminder of their love for tail-waggers. Canis Major Constellation Necklace Dog Bone Necklace 6. Obsessories LA Chic pup-inspired adornments at very affordable prices? Yes, please! These darling pooch studs would make top-dog stocking stuffers for any pup lover. 7. Ivy By Design Simple and clean designs of over 60 different breeds. Most items are available in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold and have the option to be engraved for that extra special touch. Nothing beats pawsonalized gifts when it comes to hound-loving humans. Chi Necklace Pug Necklace 8. House In Connue House In Connue's vision is minimal, clean, and chic. If you or your Secret Santa tend to gravitate to these kinds of descriptive words then this line of pup lovin' jewelry will woof you over. Pup Earrings Dog Earring 9. Jewellery Fur Keeps The name says it all! Cute sterling silver doggies ready to wear and follow you everywhere you go. These rings are great gifts for the undercover Crazy Dog Lady who loves to flash her pup love without going over the top. These classy, cool trinkets will match her style to a tail. pug ring Pup Ring 10. Vama Couture Based in Australia, Vama Couture creates charming and feminine pieces for women who hold their hounds close to their hearts. Vama Couture's price points are a bit higher as she mostly works with 9K white, yellow or rose gold. She can engrave any piece for no additional cost. Her pieces would make amazing gifts for that extra special woof lover in your life. Solid Gold German Shepard Solid Gold Terrier Puppy 11. Friendly Gesture Quirky hand-stamped jewelry made by a creative dog-mama jeweler in Nebraska. Her designs are definitely something you could wear everyday. We all need daily reminders of what brings us the most joy. Doxie Necklace Bully Necklace 13. Inspired By Bronx Inspired By Bronx is one of the most heartwarming lines of pup-themed wearable treasures out there. This line is inspired by Bronx, a brave Bulldog who sadly lost his life to cancer. Bronx's human was inspired to make hand stamped creations because she needed an outlet to help her deal with the pain of loosing her best friend. Inspired By Bronx pieces are full of love and are beautifully crafted -- plus, a portion of the sales goes to support various Bulldog rescues! . Pup Necklaces Bully Necklace 13. J. Topolski J. Topolski's creations are bad to the bone! She has a detailed and unique process that she uses to produce her jewelry in her New York City studio. She uses a combination of acid etching, wax carving, and metal smithing with eco-friendly resin. She then casts her pieces in her family-owned casting house. These piece's are no-brainer gift ideas for the baddest mutherpuppers out there who march to the beat of their own bark. Doxie Pitbull 14. Bonny Rabbit Boutique  There's no denying that Wieners inspire some of the best baubles ever! ;) Bonny Rabbit Boutique is a great place to discover little fashion statements for pup people. These Doxie digs will put the twinkle in any Dachshund lady's eye. Shipping worldwide from Israel! Weenie Dog Weenie Ring Do you know of any designers we missed? Let us know! We're always on the hunt for more dog-loving tastemakers.

Happy Pawlidays!

Claire Wolfson

6 years ago

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