Ever Thought Of Adopting A Senior Dog?

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In 2011, Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton was walking in his Brooklyn neighborhood when he saw a man on his stoop with an old dog with wild and crazy hair. She was, in Brandon’s opinion, “the coolest-looking dog” he’d ever seen, so he stopped and took her picture, then posted it on his blog with the caption: “This is the best dog.”

A week passed, and when the man on the stoop saw Brandon walking by once again, he approached and told him that he could no longer keep the dog… and asked if Brandon might like to take her. Even though his friends urged him to get a puppy instead, Brandon adopted the dog—Susie—and it ended up being one of the best decisions of his life.

Not long after, Brandon met Erin O’Sullivan (now Stanton), and she quickly fell in love with old Susie as well. She decided to start a Facebook page called Susie’s Senior Dogs to bring awareness to other older dogs in need. The page became so popular that Erin turned Susie’s Senior Dogs into a full-fledged nonprofit.

Susie passed away in 2016 after five wonderful years with Brandon and Erin, but her legacy lives on. Every single day, the humans behind Susie’s Senior Dogs work tirelessly to save older dogs in need. On their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, they celebrate the glory of senior adoption and share adoptable senior dogs.

Dogs like Digger (Colorado), a 10-year-old dachshund and the least viewed dog at the National Mill Dog Rescue shelter:

Or Suzie (New York), an incredibly well-behaved 8-year-old girl available at Shelter Chic:

Or 8-year-old Quincy (Alabama), who’s patiently awaited his forever home at the Calhoun County Humane Society since 2015:

Thanks to Susie’s Senior Dogs, so many senior dogs have been saved over the years, and so many humans have learned how rewarding older adoption can be. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog who’s seen a thing or two in his or her day.

If you love Susie’s Senior Dogs as much as we do, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you’d like, you can contribute to their cause by donating here.

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Benjamin Moore

5 years ago