14 Superhero Dogs Whose True Stories Are Almost Impossible To Believe

These dogs don't need spandex or indestructible shields to protect them in their line of duty. Whether they're military working dogs, service dogs, or spontaneous do-gooders, the world is full of every day heroes who deserve a little credit. And with these super-14, we aim to do just that. 1. Maxx When flames engulfed a family's Florida home, retired police dog Maxx dutifully led firefighters to both of her young human "siblings." Authorities credit her with saving their lives. maxx 2. Dayko The search and rescue Lab saved seven people from the rubble in the aftermath of an earthquake in Ecuador. He was trained to persist in the face of danger, and sacrificed his life in the process. dayko 3. Banjo This little dog stayed with his human toddler sibling when the child wandered more than a mile from home in the middle of the woods. When rescuers approached many hours later, he barked to alert them to their location. banjo-and-mason 4. Unnamed Dog Mark Gillespie's dog ran and began howling when he went outside and sensed something very wrong. The pup discovered Bear, the neighbor's dog, who had been severely beaten and abused---today Bear is safe as his abuse case unfolds. (The dog pictured below is Bear.) Bear-2 5. Leon This Pit Bull knew not to trust the stranger with a gun and ski mask at his family's home, so he gave chase and suffered a gunshot to the head. Leon was able to walk into the vet on his own, and is doing just fine. leon_808x500 6. Lucca Four years after a bomb blast required her leg to be amputated, military working dog Lucca has become the 30th dog to receive the Dickin Medal for her service. lucca-and-rodriguez 7. Diesel During the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, Diesel sacrificed his life to protect his team during a raid in an apartment building. He was fatally shot, though he is slated to receive the Dickin Medal in his memory. diesel1 8. Bretagne The last surviving 9/11 search and rescue dog, Bretagne worked tirelessly with her human to find people trapped in the rubble at the World Trade Center. bretagneanddenise 9. Jedi Jedi helps to save his boy Luke's life every day as a diabetic alert dog. He signals for Luke's highs and lows, and has been known to wake the family in the middle of the night when their son has reached dangerous blood sugar levels. jedi and luke 10. Hero When this Lab's 4-year-old girl was in danger of slipping into a coma five miles away at school, he alerted her family and saved her just in time. Still, no one knows how he did it. sadie-hero-sleeping 11. Levi Protecting his family from an intruder, this three-legged Pit Bull suffered a bullet to the head. He's just fifteen years young, and has had nothing but smiles to share. bravest-pittie-4 12. Kenai This pup is as all-American as they come; the pup became agitated after spotting a bald eagle unmoving on the ground. The bird had a shoulder injury and frozen feathers in the cold, but Kenai helped rescuers locate him and let him heal in safety. dog-saves-eagle 13. Sergeant Stubby You may have never heard his name, but Stubby was one of America's first war dogs. He served nearly two years in battle, surviving multiple wounds and earning several medals for his service. stubby-dog-copy 14. Jules This Frenchie was revered for chasing a pair of bear cubs from her home to prevent them from digging in the trash cans. We get the strange feeling it's not the first time this has happened. frenchie-bears-3

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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