9 Things Only Extrovert Pup Parents Understand

I get it, the internet is for introverts. We extroverts get a bad rap. Well, some folks live their lives out loud, and that’s totally okay! Extroverts can do great things for the world as leaders, teachers, and motivators. I'm willing to bet that some (if not most) of your favorite comedians, politicians, reality show personalities, and pop stars are extroverts. We don't necessarily think of small talk as small...we are actually curious about other humans and pups. That doesn't mean we don't suffer from social anxiety-- sometimes we use our outgoing ways to break through the fear, or maybe try to help others to feel at ease (sometimes to the annoyance of our introvert counterparts, who didn't ask for this). Without further ado, here are 9 things only extrovert pup parents understand. 1. "HEY! OMG YOU HAVE A DOG! ME TOO!!!" (The reserved person you've approached backs away, nods curtly, and crosses the street.) extraverted-dog-people1 2. "WANT TO HEAR THIS AMAZING STORY ABOUT MY DOG? I BET YOUR DOG HAS SOME AMAZING STORIES TOO!" Seriously, I'm interested! walt-disney-with-dog 3. You put the "run" in dog run. As in, you're running things at the dog park. Social things. For people. Let's get drinks! 44CHURCHILLdm_468x578-winston-churchill 4. You can be found chatting up the pet store empawyees. You genuinely want to know where this toy was made, if these treats are grain free, how comfortable this harness is... oprah-20100129-tows-oprah-sunny-lauren-600x411 5. You are soooo stoked when people stop to talk to you and your dog. I love meeting new friends in the neighborhood! pope-dog-crop-ap_606-pope-francis-dog 6. "Wait, why isn't anyone talking to me and my dog?" We're so cute and nice and fun! marie-antoinette-tumblr_lm8hbtkY2R1qfy2kdo1_500 kirsten dunst as marie antoinette and mops the dog moving pic 7. My dog's the pack leader, and so am I. The lead dog has the best view. Barack-Obama-dog-Bo-2010-4 8. My dog and I are the life of the pawty! Turn down for absolutely nothing. silly mand with dog 9. Your dog gives you the confidence and self-esteem to get out in the world and be your best self; and by doing so, let other humans know that it's okay to shine. women-walking-dogs-happy-social-park "...As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." - Marianne Williamson
Featured image via Huffington Post

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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