This Inspiring Photo Series Of Disabled Dogs Proves That Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

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Dogs with disabilities, whether it’s missing legs, blindness, or other physical defects, are less likely to be adopted over conventional-looking dogs. That’s why famed animal photographer Alex Cearns created an entire series devoted to dogs with disabilities.

Perfect Imperfection candidly captures these dogs and showcases their beauty in a whole new light. Shot while only a foot away from her subjects, Cearns captures an intimacy with the dogs that reveal both their personalities and their inner strength in a beautiful way.

“The tenacity of animals to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me,” Cearns said. “They make the most out of life and from them I have learnt so much about always seeing the positive in every situation and never giving up.”

All photos by Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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