Woman’s Facebook Post Saves Puppy Tied In A Bag And Thrown Away Like Garbage

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

October 21, 2015

Marcia Lutz of Rondon, Brazil came across a sight so heartbreaking she simply couldn’t ignore it: a puppy had been tied inside a plastic bag and left for dead in a ravine.

puppy ravine brazil

Lutz works for a nearby animal rescue organization, and quickly took to Facebook with a photo of the pup and a plea for help. She suspects the dog was thrown into the hole, as the ravine is very steep and difficult to access, but she refused to leave the site without help.


The community quickly jumped into action. One woman, who worked at a hospital very close to the scene, ran straight over. She jumped right into the ravine and carried the tiny pup out—the entire ordeal was over within a half hour of Lutz’s Facebook post.

rescue puppy

The puppy, who is in good health despite being soaked in waste, is thought to have been trapped at least overnight. After his rescuers freed him from the bag, he frolicked around in joy, and just an hour later someone came forward to adopt him.

running pup

Oliviera, the woman who rescued the dog, expressed her gratitude on the Facebook page soon after:

I want to thank everyone who was concerned, who rescued, who cared. I still see hope for a better world with your kind of attitude.

The identity of the person who left the dog is unknown, but as long as the little guy is happy and safe, we are too.

H/t Daily Mail

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

October 21, 2015